Online Backup

     J.B.A. Computer Services now offers online data backup for windows based computers. If you have heard of Carbonite™ or Mozzy Backup™ then you already have an idea of how this works. The difference is that J.B.A. is not a huge corporation that has your data stored, who knows where, we provide personalized service with a smile and our prices are competative as well.

     J.B.A. uses the industry standard encryption to ensure your information is transmitted without "prying eyes".  As a further security option, the data that is sent can have a personalized password that only the clients knows, should the data need to be restored.

     However, the client will need to keep track of and not forget this password as J.B.A. will not have record of it or have any way to retrieve it.

J.B.A. will not be responsible for "Locked Data" should the client forget this password.

     Should your system crash J.B.A. can remotely login to your computer (once it's fixed or replaced and as long as you have a broadband connection) and download your data back to your system.

     If remote login is not an option then J.B.A. can burn it to DVD's, CD's, or copy it to an external hard drive and send it to you.(for an additional fee)


$10.00 a month if paid monthly.

$110.00 if paid annually. (Includes one month free)

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