How it works

Data Recovery

Data recovery is always about chances, probability and common sense. There’s never any guarantee that your data is recoverable 100%. And there’s always a possibility that your recovered items will be corrupted and won’t open correctly. It all depends on how and why the hard drive, USB Drive, or SD Card crashed and / or became unreadable. J.B.A. will use state of the art data recovery techniques starting with the most accurate and fastest method to sector by sector "scoop and run" as we call it in order to get as much data as possible. If we are not able to recover any usable data then there will be no charge to the customer.


1 device = $150.00

2 - 3 devices = $125.00 per device.

4 - 6 devices = $100.00 per device.

7 and above = $75.00